Incredible Edibles in Las Vegas

OMG THC makes incredible Edibles in Las Vegas. We’ve built our brand on creating the most incredible edibles in Las Vegas, crafted from the highest quality ingredients and the purest cannabis distillate. There are many attractions that draw visitors to the Las Vegas area; the casinos, the shows, and the nightlife are just to name a few. Since the state of Nevada Legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, Las Vegas has yet another feature for tourists to explore, Nevada’s blossoming cannabis culture. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement to bring high-quality cannabis edibles to the Las Vegas market.

Our offerings include infused chocolate bars, our Chocolate Bitez, chocolate-covered fruits or nuts, and our signature Soul D’licious Infused spice blends. We are the first Nevada cannabis company to use pure cannabis distillate in our edibles, which means that only the most lovely and delicate cannabis flavors come through in our delicious treats. You’ll never taste anything that’s overly pungent or grassy the way you might with an old-school homemade edible.

A Vast Selection of Incredible Edibles in Las Vegas 

Our chocolate bars can be classified into three main categories: classic, ratio, and medical. Our classic bars come in delicious flavors such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter. We also have non-dairy options for our vegan customers, as well as sugar-free bars for those that wish to avoid sugar.

Classic Cannabis Chocolate Bars

Our bars are portioned into 10mg servings, with each bar containing 100mg in total. For most cannabis consumers, a single 10mg dose is plenty to bring on a pleasantly elevated experience. We always advise people who are new to consuming cannabis edibles to start low and go slow. If you are sensitive to cannabis products in general, you might even want to consider a half-serving to start. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for the full effects of the edible to sink in, so be patient and don’t rush to eat more edibles just because you aren’t feeling the effects immediately. Consuming too high a dose of cannabis edibles can be an unpleasant experience.

Ratio THC CBD Chocolate Bar Edibles

Our ratio bars contain a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. There are numerous benefits to consuming these two cannabinoids together. Research suggests that this 1:1 ratio can be very effective for easing symptoms of acute or chronic pain. These edibles can also be helpful if you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, so these bars are best suited as a pre-bedtime treat. If you have a long day of tourist destinations and fun activities planned this may not be the best option unless you are working with these edibles for symptom management.

Medical THC Chocolate Bars

Our Medical bars are specially formulated for our customers who have a current medical marijuana card. They contain higher levels of THC at 500mg per bar at 50mg per serving. These bars are available in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavors. But remember: you can only purchase these if you have an up-to-date medical marijuana card, they are not available to recreational customers.

Single Serving Chocolate Bitez

Our Chocolate Bitez are smaller, more discreet edibles and feature fun flavors such as white chocolate, in addition to our milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. These Bitez are smaller in size than our chocolate bars but have the same amount of THC as our classic chocolate bars.

Go Nuts… And Fruits!

If you enjoy a little bit of fruit or nuts with your chocolate, then we have just the incredible edibles for you. We offer chocolate-covered freeze-dried strawberries, and chocolate-covered dried cherries and our chocolate-covered dried blueberries are covered in chocolate that is infused with the 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

We also offer chocolate-covered almonds, peanuts, espresso beans, and chocolate-covered caramel candy. Great options for folks that like their chocolate on the salty side, or sweet, either way, you’ll find something you love. We also have fruit-flavored gummies for those of you that prefer non-chocolate sweets. We have delicious flavors like cherry, watermelon, mango, and our strawberry flavor also has that 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC.

Savory Spice Blends Make Anything an Edible

Our Soul D’licious spice blends are great for those that enjoy combining cannabis with the culinary arts. If you prefer savory flavors to sweet then these are the perfect edible product for you. These spice blends are sugar-free and are portioned into easy-to-measure 10mg servings, with 100mg total THC per package. They come in three delicious flavors: Chipotle Fire Rub, Vegetable Seasoning, and Lemon Garlic Pepper.

These spice blends can be used in place of your favorite seasonings to add an extra oomph to your next home-cooked meal or barbecue. They can be used in marinades, soup stocks, salad dressings, and more…the possibilities are endless. The cannabis flavor is very subtle and blends beautifully with the spice blends without overpowering the other flavors in the dish.

Find Our Amazing Edible Selection All Over Las Vegas, Reno, and More!

Our incredible edibles in Las Vegas can be found at the majority of local dispensaries in addition to Henderson, and even up north in Reno. OMG THC has many delicious and unique edible cannabis products that will enhance your next Vegas vacation, and make it the most memorable trip yet. If you are not one for indulging in alcohol, cannabis edibles make a great alternative. The biggest upside? No hangover the next day. Trust me, hangovers are a total buzz-kill for what could have otherwise been a great vacation, especially in the middle of Vegas’s notoriously scorching summer heat.

Don’t Mess Up – Obey the Law

That being said, it is important to note the laws around cannabis consumption in the state of Nevada. Cannabis may only be consumed on the premises of a private residence. It is still illegal to consume cannabis in public places such as the casino floor, the strip, showrooms, etc. Even hotel rooms are technically off-limits for legal cannabis consumption. However, there are some hotels and Air BnB’s that market themselves as cannabis friendly.

Interested in consuming edibles while on vacation? Make sure to clarify whether this is allowed by the establishment at which you’ll be staying. You can still be found to be in violation of Nevada law, even if the hotel says it’s ok. Use discernment when consuming cannabis products while on vacation in Nevada.

In 2022 Las Vegas legalized public venues for cannabis consumption, so in the next year, we should see the emergence of cannabis lounges. In fact, there is currently one in operation managed by the Paiute tribe.

Also if you are pulled over while driving and found to be under the influence of cannabis that is considered driving under the influence. Just don’t do it ok! Since cannabis can be detected in the system for much longer than alcohol, due to its fat-soluble nature, definitely don’t take any chances. The quickest way to ruin a great vacation is a run-in with the 5-O. Use common sense and consideration for your neighbors.

Stay Smart, Stay Safe, Have Fun

At the end of the day, our incredible edibles in Las Vegas will make your visit to Sin City an experience you and your friends will remember for years to come. Our delectable chocolates, gummies, and spice blends will be stand-out favorites. Consume responsibly, and enjoy all the wonderful adventures Las Vegas has to offer.


We’re homegrown in Las Vegas, Nevada. We embrace niches others in the Cannabis market ignore or reject. Vegan? Diabetic? Gourmet cook? Old-school hash connoisseur? Looking for a specific ratio of CBD and THC in your products? You got it!

Our products are simple and they are great. From the cannabis oils, we use to the packaging and the varieties of our products. Finally, and best of all, our edibles are damn delicious! In other words, if we wouldn’t want to eat them, we aren’t going to sell them to anyone else.

As always, feel free to Contact OMG THC with any questions or comments you might have. We’re here for you and we’re responsive to your needs. If you’d like to locate OMG THC products, check out our dispensaries list. You can also find out more about OMG THC on Leafly.

For Adult Use Only

For adults 21 and over. Keep our products out of reach of children and pets. Be smart. Be Vigilant. Finally, enjoy our products responsibly and keep everyone safe.