We all Google shit when we’re high. It’s part of the fun! I like to know stuff, and I’m a bit of a worrier, so I’m constantly Googling the safest way to do anything. Including protecting my THC edibles. The other day I was scarfing’ down on some of our OMG THC Milk Chocolate 1:1 Ratio bar – sometimes I like to combine that mind high with the body high of CBD – and I asked myself, “Should I keep THC edibles in the fridge?”

Should I Keep THC Edibles in the Fridge?

These chocolate bars are plenty filling and definitely potent, but I love chocolate, and I love cannabis, so eating half a bar in one sitting is not completely out of the question. To plan for this (I’m a bit of a planner) I got a bunch of stuff, not just this one chocolate bar. Anyhow, it was looking like I was going to consume 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD that this bar contained. As a result, I probably wouldn’t have any more edibles for a while.

Then, I start worrying about how long my edibles would stay fresh. What if they go stale or something? Can I do anything to prolong the freshness of my edibles? I don’t want them to lose potency or start tasting funny. Should I put them in a plastic baggie? Should I keep THC edibles in the fridge? I had to google it (I’m a googler).

I start punching into my phone “should I keep THC edibles in the fridge” while sliding another tile of that smooth, artisanal, milk chocolatey magic into my mouth. There’s always that period where the forums pop up, and those are hit and miss, so I typically scroll past them.

How Do I Store My Edibles?

THC edibles are awesome, but where is the best place to store them that will keep them fresh? You find yourself asking questions like, “should I keep THC edibles in the fridge?” Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. Turns out, we should probably find a decent container for them first.

For short-term storage, any silicone container will do. The tighter the fit, the better. Too much space can lead to condensation problems. Glass containers work just as well. If you’re worried about your THC product sticking to the glass, you can use any vacuum-sealed container. I start thinking about what containers I have lying around the house, while realizing I’m like halfway done with this godly THC chocolate bar.

Like, if you were so desperate to eat your THC gummies that you ripped open the bag, you could put them in something they won’t stick to. People who keep parchment paper around the house find that useful to wrap edibles like gummies in before placing them in a storage container. You could also put them in aluminum foil first. Plastic is ill-advised, as some say it affects the taste of your edibles.

How About the Freezer?

There goes my plastic baggie idea. But come on, Internet – should I keep THC edibles in the fridge? Some people keep them in the freezer for the long term, but that can cause some issues. Most concentrates might last as long as a year in the freezer, if you contain them properly and take extra time to thaw them out properly when you use them. I will definitely eat all these OMG THC edibles before I get to that point.

Tightly wrapped aluminum foil or parchment paper with no air inside, placed in vacuum-sealed freezer-safe containers should do the trick. It might even be extra cautious, which when it comes to cannabis, we take no chances! Just beware that the extreme temperature changes could ruin the potency or the taste of your THC edibles. It always helps to check the “best if used by” date, as well as the ingredients, to get an idea of if and how you should store your edibles without rendering them inedible.

So, Should I Keep THC Edibles in the Fridge?

Probably. If you leave them out on a shelf or somewhere at room temp, it’s possible for them to go bad and even get moldy! Gross. Let’s avoid that. Why the heck would that happen? Many cannabis products are made as natural as possible with as few ingredients as possible – which is great – but the drawback is the general lack of preservatives. Reasonable trade-off.

It’s also important to keep your THC edibles in opaque containers, as light has a tendency to really screw with cannabis products. Also, wash your hands. Seriously, if you transfer bacteria from your hands onto your edibles before you store them, that bacteria can just grow and prosper in that container you thought was keeping your edibles safe. And keep them away from children, if there may be any around.

Tinctures, oils and balms tend to do very well in the refrigerator! It may be the best place for those products. Good to know, as I do enjoy my EPC tinctures, as well. Some people who consume a lot of cannabis edibles even get a mini fridge to keep them all in!

So it’s a good thing I got high enough to find all this out for us. (And yes, I ate the whole chocolate bar and was pretty much immovable the rest of the day.) The next time you’re wondering should I keep THC edibles in the fridge, you have the general knowledge to make that decision for yourself. Happy eating!


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