Our Amazing Staff

Production Crew


Bea Martinez

General Manager

What Everyone Thinks She Does: Plays around with a giant erector set and makes the whole lab smell like weed periodically.

What She Actually Does: Oversees all extraction in the lab, does CO2 and ethanol extraction of cannabis and filtration and vacuum distillation of cannabis oil, and troubleshoots equipment breakdowns and malfunctions.

Favorite Product: “I love chocolate-covered blueberries so I am thrilled that we just added infused versions to our product line. But a close second is the Vegan Chocolate – it’s so good I could just munch on it all day!”

Kris Johnson

Head of HR & Administration

What Everyone Thinks She Does: She’s a badass miracle worker and the glue holding everyone’s sanity together.

What She Actually Does: Kris manages order fulfillment, HR, inventory control, and purchasing; implements systems for everything; oversees the use of space and layout of the facility, and is the right hand to the COO.

Favorite Product: “ My favorite product here has to be the Chocolate-covered peanuts. Not only do they taste great, but for those of us who are new to using cannabis, each 5mg chocolate-covered peanut offers a nice low-dosage way to consume it.”

Tim Rieb

Extractor & Chocolate Tech

What Everyone Thinks He Does: Speed demon. He’s so fast he’s just a blur in the lab.

What He Actually Does: Does CO2 and ethanol extraction and filtration of cannabis oil, makes infused chocolate when demand outstrips our chocolatier’s capacity, and fills orders and packages product as needed.

Favorite Product: “My favorite product is the Afghani Hash. I especially like the Burkel strain. The taste, the longevity of the effects are great. I’ve always loved hash and I think it’s the best in town. I haven’t had hash this good in 30 years!”

Chuck Pollack

Operations Support & Packaging

What Everyone Thinks He Does: No one really knows for sure. However, some tend to think he’s secretly part of the CIA. After all, he has the most interesting stories of anyone in the lab.

What He Actually Does: He runs company errands, packages products, takes product inventory, and monitors the various product supply levels at OMG THC.

Favorite Product: “Mostly, I’m excited about the new chocolate-covered almonds. They taste great and the effect is excellent. Seriously, those tiny things pack a mighty punch!”

Linda Pollack

Test Kitchen Manager

What Everyone Thinks She Does: She pokes fun at our chocolatier, Alan, and gives everyone in the building goofy nicknames.

What She Actually Does: Tests and perfects recipes and production methods for our edibles that are not chocolate-based – she is the author of our gummies. When she isn’t working on new products, she packages products for orders we are filling for our customers.

Favorite Product: “The dark Chocolate bars. They are absolutely delicious and you don’t have to inhale anything or hurt your sensitive lungs… I love them!”


Shermaine Villaneuva

Production Lead

What Everyone Thinks She Does: Time management ninja and record-setting packager who blushes every time we tell her how awesome she is!

What She Actually Does: She is our resident gummies-maker and primary production staff working on packaging OMG THC products for our dispensary customer orders.

Favorite Product: “I like the 100mg THC Chocolate-Covered Almonds. They are delicious, effective, and definitely worth their weight in gold! They are tasty and big so I just eat a half of one at a time.”

Sales Team

Melinda Brown

Melinda Brown

Head Sales Director & Account Rep

What Everyone Thinks She Does: Breezes by the lab with donuts for the team, and spreads sunshine & rainbows while spending the rest of her time schmoozing.

What She Actually Does: Manages our sales team and sales processes serves as an account rep for several dispensaries in Southern Nevada and spearheads key marketing initiatives

Favorite Product: “I think my favorite product at OMG THC is the good old-fashioned milk chocolate bar… I mean cummon, what girl doesn’t like great chocolate?!”

Christopher Thompson brand ambassador staff

Christopher Thompson

Brand Ambassador

What Everyone Thinks He Does: Grabs items off the top shelf and changes light bulbs without a ladder… they think we hired him because he’s so tall!

What He Actually Does: Focuses on patient and consumer education in dispensaries – staffing “pop-ups” at cannabis stores around Southern Nevada, and pitch in at our production facility when needed.

Favorite Product: “My favorite product are the Great Basin vape cartridges. I love an ice-cold brew, so having a cart that tastes similar is a delicious way to enjoy your evening.”

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