As of late, anxiety and depression seem to be running rampant in the United States. The more people open up about it, the more you realize just how prevalent these disorders are in our society. In fact, depression alone affects nearly 350 million people around the globe. And there are a number of factors that influence one’s development and continuation of suffering from anxiety and depression.

Personal problems. Family problems. Financial problems. Lack of meaning and fulfillment. The list goes on. So it’s no wonder that the more we hear about and experience these issues on a personal level, the more we search for answers and solutions. Enter the newly-emerging legal cannabis market.

Now that cannabis use is becoming a mainstream medical tool and recreational pastime, more people are looking into the benefits of cannabis use to treat anxiety and depression. And while there are a number of anecdotal accounts about cannabis and its ability to treat these disorders, what does the medical community have to say? We’ll explore that below.

Cannabis for Anxiety and Depression

A Treatment for Anxiety?

Recently, medical researchers have begun looking into the applications of cannabis use to treat anxiety and depression. In April 2014, a small study published in the Hawaii Journal of Medicine indicated that of the 100 test subjects, “half of all respondents noted relief from stress and anxiety” after continued consumption of the plant. Additionally, the researchers noted that “cannabis appears to alleviate pain, insomnia, and may be helpful in relieving anxiety.” In conclusion, they added that “no serious adverse effects were reported.”

Of course, this is great news. However, a few things must be taken into consideration. First of all, this is a very small study group. This means that the results were not derived from a wide-scale test group. Additionally, while results were overwhelmingly positive, a study of this nature must be replicated with similar results to become credible. Finally, there is also the issue of cannabis causing anxiety during use.

Another study published by the University of Washington found that the use of THC “appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses.” Again, this is something we know from personal experience. They note that endocannabinoids appear to “modulate highly interactive stress and reward networks” which “establish the balance between distress and well-being.” However, they make it clear that overuse, abuse, and dependence on cannabis to solve this imbalance may cause long-term detriment to the user. This is especially true when underlying factors and external factors go unaddressed.

A Treatment for Depression?

According to Leafly, “cannabis has been used to treat depression throughout history.” They note that a 2013 study by the University Medical Center Utrecht touted marijuana as a cure for depression. This study found that THC can alter the response to negative images or emotions by activating the endocannabinoid system in the brain. Additionally, another study linked cannabis use to improved cognitive function in people suffering from bipolar disorder. In summation, these studies concluded that “THC administration reduces the negative bias in emotional processing,” thereby reducing the continuation of depressive symptoms.

Finally, a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that cannabis use appears to offer short-term relief of depression. However, long-term adverse effects were reported over time. The results showed that participants using cannabis saw a significant reduction in depression. Symptoms were reduced by 89.3%. However, this study also revealed that the symptoms of depression were exacerbated in a total of 3.2% of sessions. While this is a mostly positive outcome, it is important to note that cannabis use may not be right for everyone attempting to treat their depression.

In Conclusion

We’re all aware that anxiety and depression can induce panic. Normally, this is the cause of external factors. However, it can come from internal or underlying mental conditions as well. For now, we can conclude that more study is necessary to come to more concrete conclusions about the use of cannabis to treat anxiety. However, we should not discount personal experiences, as these may be the only means we have to derive data about cannabis as an anxiety treatment until Federal restrictions are loosened.

Ultimately, any time a person takes it upon himself or herself to use a substance to treat their medical condition or disorder, results can be mixed or even dangerous. With cannabis, this is not as much of a factor. However, this is still a concern, especially when prescribed medications are abandoned in favor of cannabis substitution.

Oftentimes, self-medicating with cannabis may produce short-term relief. However, anxiety and depression may need to be treated in combination with other substances to deliver the intended results. Conversely, cannabis use to treat anxiety and depression may not be right at all. In the end, it comes down to a person-by-person basis. Each individual must make that call. However, you should discuss your cannabis use with a trusted physician. They should understand cannabis and its applications in the medical world. In other words, honesty is the best policy and will likely yield more positive results, both in the long and short term. For now, the decision is up to you.


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