Crazy times right now! The recent developments of the Coronavirus pandemic have completely changed the country and the world! And Nevada is no different! As other legal THC and CBD production facilities, we have been deemed a necessary business in order to provide the medicines needed during this time. So yes, we are still here and we’re still busy making sure you have the products you need during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily though our state has not been hit too hard. We are all doing our part and practicing social distancing. As of writing this, the state of Nevada has documented less than 2,500 cases. And at THC Production, LLC, we aim to keep it that way!

What We’re Doing to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

As always, THC Production, LLC has your health and safety in mind. Luckily, OMG THC already practices and operates within strict quality control guidelines. This is common in the Cannabis industry. And at OMG THC, we’ve always been ahead of the curve… literally!

We deep clean our entire production facility every morning and continue to disinfect the working areas throughout the day. We have multiple ethanol-based hand sanitizers available in every room in the whole facility. Our staff maintains a safe working distance from one another. In addition, our staff always wears gloves, sanitary shoe covers, hair nets, and scrubs.

A Message About Our Procedures From Management

  • OMG THC already has strong sanitary measures in place. This was a standard procedure before the Coronavirus pandemic. As always, this encompasses anyone touching products begin required to wearing gloves to washing one’s hands any time an employee enters or re-enters the facility. Additionally, we regularly sanitizing of all glassware, trays, etc.
  • We have had extra strict sanitation measures in place since the outbreak began (from extra hand washing to sanitizing of cell phones the moment someone walks into our facility) and we are sanitizing all surfaces (including doorknobs and such) in our facility every day.
  • We are practicing strict social distancing per the state requirements, and have implemented all recommendations from the NDA on extra caution during this time.
  • OMG THC has limited the presence of non-employees to the greatest extent possible in THC Production’s facility. This includes some people are involved in our business in some way.
  • Ever since the outbreak began in Nevada we have had a hard and fast rule that anyone experiencing cold or flu symptoms must stay home from work.

We’ve Got Your Back

OMG THC hopes you are confident in our ability to keep your safety and health in mind during these strange times. We truly do care about you and want you to know we have your best interests in mind. Thusly, you can be assured we are doing everything in our power to keep producing high-quality THC and CBD products for our loyal customers.

Please stay safe out there. Avoid going out as much as possible and dress to impress when you do. wear your masks and gloves. Practice social distancing. If at all possible, place your Cannabis and CBD tincture, smokeables, and edible orders online. Even better, have them delivered. You can find a list of dispensaries currently carrying our products during the Coronavirus pandemic. Take a look and see how you can safely and easily obtain the THC and CBD products you need.

In the meantime, take care of one another and be kind to each other. Treat each other the way you would want to be treated. Help those who can’t help themselves, and go the extra mile whenever possible. With care, compassion, and conscientiousness, we will get through this together and can move on in no time.

Best wishes,
the OMG THC team