When it comes to THC-infused edible delights, OMG THC is one of the most underrated creators of scrumptious chocolate cannabis edibles in Nevada! While there are countless cannabis edibles producers in the state, a lot of them do the same old thing. Many of them also use inferior ingredients to pump out products. That’s not how we roll at OMG THC. We do things a bit differently here.

OMG THC is not your average chocolate cannabis edibles producer. In fact, we consider ourselves more of a boutique edible manufacturing facility. One that caters to the decerning palate and puts the time, attention, and care into our products that, quite frankly, you all deserve. We make everything by hand and wrap everything by hand as well. As I said, we do things differently here at OMG THC.

Additionally, we like to focus on the development of new, innovative, unique, and niche edibles and smokables. Whether that be chocolate cannabis edibles, beer-flavored IPA vapes, infused THC spice blends, old-school Afghani Hash, and more, we make it our business to produce top-shelf cannabis products! So if you’re ready to learn about the most scrumptious chocolate cannabis edibles in Nevada, read on my friend. Read on.

Chocolate Cannabis Edibles from OMG THC

OMG THC manufactures a variety of chocolate cannabis edibles and within each category, comes a variety of flavors, styles, ingredients, and diet-friendly options. In other words, if you’re into chocolate, like edibles, and love weed, there’s a damn good chance we make something just for you.

THC-Infused Chocolate Bars

We offer 3 basic types of our THC-infused chocolate bars. Classic, Ratio, and Medical. Our Classic hand-made chocolate bars are available in a variety of flavors and styles to fit your taste preferences and lifestyle. Each bar contains a total of 100mg of THC, dosed out in 10 convenient 10mg squares. Our Ratio hand-made chocolate bars offer a 1-to-1 balanced indulgence of CBD to THC. Each bar contains 10 squares with 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. Finally, our Medical Edition chocolate bars provide the perfect solution for licensed Nevada medical cannabis patients. These delicious and power-packed chocolate cannabis edibles provide 500mg of THC per bar with 50mg THC per serving.

Our Line of Chocolate Cannabis Bars Include:

  • 1:1 CBD/THC Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 1:1 CBD/THC Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Bar (100mg)
  • Milk Chocolate Bar (100mg)
  • Dark Chocolate Bar (100mg)
  • Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Bar (100mg)
  • Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar (100mg)
  • Vegan-Friendly Dark Chocolate Bar (100mg)
  • 500mg THC Medical Edition Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 500mg THC Medical Edition Milk Chocolate Bar
  • * Seasonal Edition Chocolate Bars (available while supplies last)

THC-Infused Chocolate Bitez

Looking for that fill your chocolate bar fix but low on cash? Not interested in a full-sized bar? Then our decadent Chocolate Bitez are exactly what you’re looking for. Similar to our infused cannabis chocolate bars, our Chocolate Bitez are single-serving doses available in 5 styles and flavor combos. Each convenient 10mg single-serving dose of THC Cannabis distillate is delivered to the user in a delicious bite-sized chocolate square!

Our Line of Chocolate Bitez Include:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

THC-Infused Chocolate-Covered Fruits, Nuts, and Caramels

Thought we were done? Far from it! OMG THC also offers a variety of chocolate-covered fruits, chocolate-covered nuts, and now, chocolate-covered caramel candies! These superfly-delicious chocolate cannabis edibles are sure to make every chocolate-lover go crazy!

In regards to dosage, all of our chocolate-covered fruits come in 100mg packs. Whether you’re reaching for a chocolate-covered cherry, chocolate-covered blueberry, or chocolate-covered strawberry, each hand-wrapped dose contains approximately 10mg of THC distillate. With each pack containing 10 doses, that makes 100mg in total. Math! Excelsior!!

Our Line of Chocolate-Covered Fruits Include:

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries
  • Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Then, we come to our chocolate-covered nuts. We offer chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-covered peanuts, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. And yes, coffee beans count! If you don’t like it, well, write us a strongly-worded letter. Anyhow, our chocolate-covered nuts are dosed out differently. The chocolate-covered almonds come in packs of 10 with each dose at 10mg, for a total of 100mg per pack. However, the peanuts and espresso beans come in packs of 20 with each dosed at 5mg. This still adds up to 100mg per package so either way, you’re still getting just as much chocolatey THC goodness.

Our Line of Chocolate-Covered Nuts Include:

  • Milk Chocolate-Covered Almonds
  • Milk Chocolate-Covered Peanuts
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Finally, we come to our brand new chocolate-covered caramel candies. YUM! These are one of our first forays into creating candy-covered candy. And if all goes well, we hope we can cover all sorts of other tasty treats in thick decadent chocolate! Our milk chocolate caramels come in packs of 10, dosed at 10mg apiece. Again, your package contains 100mg of THC.

Ready to Sample Our Chocolate Cannabis Edibles?

Convinced yet? We sure hope so. Our vast line of high-grade chocolate cannabis edibles is sure to please your mouth and your mind. Whether you’re looking for fruits, nuts, candies, or just pure, delicious chocolate, OMG THC makes something for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact your favorite local Nevada cannabis dispensary and ask for OMG THC chocolate cannabis edibles. And if they don’t have them, say “WHAT THE HECK!? WHAT GIVES? GET WITH IT!” Then find one that does. You’ll be happy you did. We guarantee it!

For Adult Use Only

For adults 21 and over. Keep our products out of reach of children and pets. Be smart. Be Vigilant. Finally, enjoy our products responsibly and keep everyone safe.

As always, feel free to Contact OMG THC with any questions or comments you might have. We’re here for you and we’re responsive to your needs. If you’d like to locate OMG THC products, check out our dispensaries list. You can also find out more about OMG THC on Leafly.