Benjamin Bey of Soul D’licious Seasonings and co-host Stephanie Magurno of THC Production, LLC interview budtender, writer, television personality, and ROS producer Rob Ruckus. Additionally, we discuss the relationship between PTSD and cannabis’s application in treating it. Finally, we discuss tolerance breaks and how those can help cannabis users.

Cannabis Science – PTSD

Today we’re talking cannabis and PTSD. PTSD is short for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Frequently, symptoms of PTSD arise after experiencing or witnessing a traumatizing event of some kind. Most often, members of the military exhibit signs and symptoms of PTSD. However, normal everyday citizens can experience them after car wrecks, violent encounters, and more. In reality, anything can cause PTSD. Consequently, it’s quite common and causes severe coping issues for much of the population.

PTSD is pretty common. It can trigger traumatic memories, depression, anxiety, and even violence. Currently, medication treatments are limited to antidepressants. However, only 11% of medication protocols of this type are effective. Now, a new alternative may have been found in the use of the cannabis plant. Interestingly, PTSD has shown to damage the endocannabinoid system.

To help better understand the relationship between PTSD and cannabis, researchers have reviewed five recent studies. Currently, most observations are simply anecdotal evidence. However, in 2020, a new study dealt with how cannabis and PTSD really relate to one another. One shows how cannabis could reduce fear response to threats. Another showed that the plant’s cannabinoids could play a role in extinguishing traumatic memories.

Hash It Out! – Rob Ruckus

Today we interview musician, co-host of A&E’s Bad Ink, and RSO enthusiast Rob Ruckus. Rob Ruckus got into the cannabis industry because of his passion for Rick Simpson Oil. And he got into RSO because he had multiple close friends and family suffer from cancer within a short period of time. Finally, he decided to look into a way to help his friends and family stop dying from the disease. Now, Rob is a huge fan and proponent of the medicinal qualities of RSO and shares his knowledge with as many people as possible.

Additionally, Rob Ruckus wrote for Vegas Cannabis Magazine for five years. Through this medium, he tried to reach people to tell them about whole plant oils and the values they can provide. However, he’s had trouble promoting the value of RSO because the Las Vegas cannabis industry is purely profit-driven. Consequently, it is quite difficult to convince dispensaries to sell and promote RSO, as creating quality product has little financial incentive. For now, there are no collectives that people who are only looking for medicinal benefits.

About Rick Simpson Oil

In essence, RSO is the cannabis plant’s oil. After developing cancer, Rick Simpson decided to develop the oil and was able to rid himself of his cancer. In fact, he believed in it so much, he began giving it out to others for free. However, because it was illegal at the time, he was raided by the government and is currently in exile.

Rob explains that everything on the planet with a spine has an endocannabinoid system. Therefore, cannabis use can help by boosting the immune system. Again, this is what we were talking about in our Cannabis Science segment and PTSD treatments. However, up until recently, cannabis use has been illegal and heavily stigmatized. Consequently, hemp growing was also made illegal in the US because it was too difficult for authorities to see the difference between the two plants. As a result, we no longer used hemp to feed to animals. That lack of the healing properties of hemp and cannabis lead to a deficit in feeding our endocannabinoid systems.

Learn More About Rob Ruckus

You can find out more about Rob Ruckus by visiting his Instagram. Additionally, you can visit his Etsy store. Finally, you can find all sorts of great videos on his YouTube channel.

Nugs of Knowledge

Today, we’re talking about tolerance breaks, also known as T-breaks. Why and how do people take tolerance breaks. For most, it’s because people have built up a tolerance to THC. This may happen for a number of reasons. However, many people feel they simply need a break. Others may choose to take a break due to budgetary constraints.

When you take a T-break, the brain and body begin to down regulate the experience. In other words, they reset the receptors. Thus, you’ll have a lower tollerance after your break. There are two ways to do so. Some people may go cold turkey. However, other users choose to ease off gradually.

After 30 days, you should be back to normal. However, that time may not be easy. If you smoke with others, tell them so you aren’t tempted. You may experience mood swings or withdrawal symptoms. This is common for any substance used regularly. Ultimately, you need to make a plan for which activities you will do instead.

This episode of Soul D’licious Infused with Benjamin Bey & Stephanie Magurno aired on February 6th, 2021 on KUNV 91.5.

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