Do You Have What it Takes to Make the Best Cannabis Chocolate Bar?

Since the very first person discovered that you could infuse butter with cannabis people have been making cannabis-infused chocolates. Now that marijuana is being legalized state by state in the U.S., nearly every dispensary will have some kind of cannabis chocolate bar in their inventory. In fact, most of them will have a wide selection of cannabis chocolate bars and other sugary delights. And everyone claims to make the best cannabis chocolate bar in Nevada.

Depending on the state you live in, cannabis-infused edibles all have limits on how much THC they can contain depending on if they are for recreational or medical use. So, if the amount of THC that the “best cannabis chocolate bar” has is limited by state law, then we have to assume 1 of 2 things. It must be the quality of the distillate or the quality of chocolate that makes it the best, right?

Here at OMG THC, we’re a bit biased when it comes to who we think makes the best cannabis chocolate bar, but for those cannabis connoisseurs we have complied information on just what states allow the most THC in their edibles and just how someone can make the “best chocolate.”

How Much THC is Allowed in Nevada Edibles?

Most states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use allow up to 10mg of THC per serving of cannabis edibles. A package containing 10 servings of cannabis-infused edibles can have 100mg of THC in it. In Colorado, dispensaries are allowed to sell up to 800mg of THC in any one product to recreational users. That’s considerably more than in Nevada. In fact, that’s even more than the allowable medical dosage in Nevada.

Strangely enough, in Connecticut, dispensaries are allowed to sell edibles with up to 500mg of THC in them recreationally and 750mg of THC for medical uses to each individual person. Go figure. Some day maybe all this stuff will make sense. Oh, the joy of the double-edged sword that is state’s rights.

How to Make the BEST Cannabis Chocolate Bar 

Here at OMG THC, we make sure that we make the best cannabis chocolate bar you will find. All our chocolate edibles are handcrafted by an expert so that it is of the finest quality. Without giving away any of our experts’ secrets, here is a handy recipe for you to try your hand at whipping up cannabis chocolate and crafting cannabis chocolate bars. 

The end result of your chocolate will have a lot to do with the ingredients that your use to make it. The first decision you need to make when crafting a delicious chocolate treat is whether to use Cacao or Cocoa. In one sense, the two words mean the same thing as “cocoa” is the English adaptation of the word “cacao.”

However, the one and most important difference between the two is that cacao is a raw bean and is often packaged as a vegan product as there has been no processing or additives. Cocoa is a processed chocolate product and is not vegan friendly. 

Using cacao is the healthiest option as it contains high amounts of antioxidants, protein, fiber, iron, and magnesium. Cocoa, after it has been processed still has a decent amount of nutrition and is the most cost-effective option of the two.

In terms of flavor, cacao is more bitter than cocoa but is known to also have a richer “chocolate flavor.” Cocoa is slightly more mellow in taste, and a bit sweeter.

Add Ingredients You Love to Make the Best Cannabis Chocolate Bar for YOU!

After you have decided what core ingredient you are going to use to try to make the very best chocolate possible, the next step is to make the cocoa butter. After you have processed your cocoa into a powder, (you can do this yourself or just purchase cocoa powder) you want to melt 250g of butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. If you are making infused chocolate, use cannabis butter. This process is important because if you burn the butter, you will ruin the taste of your chocolate.

After the butter is melted remove the pan from heat and stir in 250g of icing sugar, 1 tbsp of vanilla sugar, and 2 ½ tbsp of your cocoa/cacao powder. Make sure that you are constantly stirring while you are adding the ingredients. After the ingredients are combined chill your butter before using it to make your chocolate.

For this article, we are going to make Milk Chocolate. If you wish to make dark or white chocolate, the process is similar, but we will not get into that today.

What You’ll Need to Make the Best Cannabis Chocolate Bar

  • Cocoa/Cacao Butter
  • Dry Milk Powder
  • Cacao/Cocoa Powder
  • Salt
  • (Optional) Sweetener – Use your favorite powdered sugar/sugar-free sweetener: coconut sugar, cane sugar, monk fruit powder, erythritol, etc. AVOID liquid sweeteners, though, like maple, as they can cause the chocolate to seize.
  • Chocolate Mold – The best for this is a 100g silicone chocolate mold so that you don’t have to temper the chocolate.
  • Double Boiler – Basically a small pan with a heat-proof bowl to fit over it.
  • Silicone spatula 

Crafting Golden Goodness

After you have compiled all of your tools, you are ready to make the very best chocolate. Of course, if you are trying to craft the best cannabis chocolate bar, you would have to use infused butter. There are lots of handy devices to help you make high-quality cannabutter and plenty of ways to do it with basic household tools. Whatever method you choose, you can find a solid recipe for whipping up delicious, power-packed cannabutter below.

The first step is to set up your double boiler by adding a few inches of water and topping it with the heat-proof bowl. Make sure that your bowl is slightly larger than the pan. Also, make sure that the bottom of the bowl isn’t touching the water in the pan. Bring the water to a simmer over medium-low heat.

While waiting for the water to simmer, slice up your cocoa butter into small, even pieces. This will make sure that the butter melts evenly without burning. Then, add the butter to the bowl and whisk or stir gently but often. Do not let the butter scorch or burn.

The Finishing Touches

Once the butter is completely and evenly melted, sift the cocoa/cacao powder and milk powder into it slowly, while stirring to combine. Then, add the powdered sweetener of your choice and mix once more until smooth and combined. Turn off the heat and remove the bowl from the pan.

At this point, you must choose if you are going to grind your chocolate. If you do not you will end up with the gritty, obviously homemade chocolate. If you do grind the chocolate what you are doing is grinding down the particles within the chocolate into microparticles that are no longer discernable by the tongue.

This will give you the smooth, creamy chocolate that you will buy in stores. You can grind your chocolate by hand with a mortar and pestle, or you can go get a professional machine called a chocolate melange to do it for you.

You’re Finally Ready to Make the Best Cannabis Chocolate Bar!

Now, it’s finally time to grab your chocolate bar molds. The final steps are to pour your chocolate mixture into the chocolate molds and then transfer it to your fridge or freezer for storage. You may choose at this point to sprinkle some special ingredients of your choice into the chocolate or directly into the mold. Whatever you like the most! Crushed nuts. Your favorite candy. You name it! This is your experiment and you get to play around and have fun.

There you have it! You have likely just crafted the best homemade cannabis chocolate bars around. While we would never share our professional secrets, we are happy to help you make your own chocolate yourself. Feel free to infuse your creation and try to make the best cannabis chocolate bar yourself! And if this seems like a pain in the butt, well that’s where we come in.

If you’ve tried your hand at chocolate-making and found it less than thrilling, head on down to one of your favorite Nevada cannabis dispensaries and pick up any of our delicious cannabis chocolate bars.


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