This episode of Soul D’licious Infused with Benjamin Bey & Bea Martinez aired on Aug. 15th, 2020 on KUNV 91.5.

Benjamin Bey of Soul D’licious Seasonings and guest co-host Bea Martinez of THC Production, LLC talk terpenes. For those who don’t know, Bea is the lead chemist with OMG THC. She’s got a very strong background in various studies of chemistry. She’s a powerhouse player in the Las Vegas cannabis industry. And of course, a favorite here at OMG THC.

In this episode, Bea discusses her role in the company and love for chemistry. She discusses the various types of terpenes found in nature and in the cannabis plant. Additionally, Bea talks about the uses and benefits of various terpene oils.

About Terpenes

There are a few basic things you need to know about terpenes. First off, terpenes are organic compounds responsible for creating unique aromas and flavors. Secondly, they’re found in fruits, saps, and plants all over the world.

Terpenes offer various tastes and smells. Some include pine, berry, citrus, mint, cinnamon, floral notes, and more. In other words, terpenes are the essential oils of our favorite plants. They have many uses and applications. As such, people desire them for varying reasons. Finally, terpenes may assist plants in warding off predatory pests. Additionally, they may even help attract pollinators. They’re an invaluable resource for the proliferation of the floral world. Terpenes are becoming a favorite of cannabis entusiansts around the globe.

Cannabis is rich in a variety of terpenes. In fact, terpenes have gained public awareness through the growth and education of medical and recreational cannabis. Consequently, companies operating in cannabis markets have pushed for education about the benefits of terpenes. As a result, many people have shifted their focus away from THC. Instead, they are looking to terpenes for additional benefits.

Common terps include Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Terpinolene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Humulene. For those in the know, These are often favorites of terpene enthusiasts, or “terp nerds.” Knowledge of these compounds is beginning to take root in the culture. And in the public conscious, for that matter.

Benefits & Applications

According to a variety of sources, Limonene benefits include relaxation. Additionally, limonene has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-carcinogenic properties. Pinene is frequently found in pine needles. Shocking, right? It offers a similar taste and smell. This terpene’s benefits aid in alertness. It can also be used as an expectorant, topical antiseptic, and bronchodilator. Terpinolene also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Similarly, Beta-Caryophyllene has been known to reduce pain and inflammation symptoms. Oh, and let’s not forget lavender. It contains Linalool. This terp appears to have a sedative effect. Therefore, it can be used as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.

Finally, we come to our recent favorites. Frequently, Myrcene can be found in mangos. It is also found in the hops we use in our new Great Basin Brewery vapes. The hops plant also contains the Humulene terpene. Additionally, these terpenes offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Myrcene is famous for having a sedative effect. In fact, it’s actually the most abundant terpene in cannabis. It has antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and inflammation reduction benefits. Not bad for one little terp!

Additional Benefits and Resources

Seek and you shall find! You can learn more about the benefits of terpenes by reading our article Terpene Talk. Additionally, you can review our Knowledge Drop on terpenes. They should both help you develop a greater understanding on the topic. They may also guide you in your quest to find the perfect flower for you.

Remember. If you’re looking for strains with specific benefits, be sure to do your research. After all, it’s up to you in the end. There are so many resources online. So use them! Stuff your brain full! Assess the data. Develop a good understanding of how each reacts and what they can offer you. After all, knowlege is power!

You can also ask your friendly budtender at any of these fine Nevada dispensaries. They’re always happy to help! And don’t forget your friends and family! Regular cannabis users may be able to offer assistance as well. Many of them have a wealth of knowledge. Remember. Personal experiences and stories from others may help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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