This episode of Soul D’licious Infused with Benjamin Bey & Stephanie Magurno aired on November 21st, 2020 on KUNV 91.5.

Benjamin Bey of Soul D’licious Seasonings and co-host Stephanie Magurno of THC Production, LLC are super stoked for today’s episode. On this 25th edition of Soul D’licious Infused, the crew decided it’s time to step up their game. Therefore, we’re proud to introduce a brand new show format!

Going forth, each new episode will be broken up into different segments. First, you’ll learn about the science of cannabis. Second, we’ll discuss our main topic and interviews with special guests. This new segment is called Hash It Out. Our special guest this week is holistic healer RaRa Rivera.

Frequently, we’ll discuss cooking and recipes using our new Soul D’licious Infused seasoning blends. After all, the official launch of our new THC-infused seasoning blends is scheduled for December 9th! Woo! Finally, we’ll rotate between Read Your Mind and Nugs of Knowledge!

Cannabis Science

Today in our science segment, we talk about cannabis and MRSA. MRSA is a staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. According to the CDC, nearly 5% of patients in hospitals are infected with MRSA. MRSA can cause blood and heart infections. Additionally, it can destroy bone.

Research dating back to the 1950s shows that cannabis has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Researchers have found that the major cannabinoids in the cannabis plant effectively fight MRSA. Previous and recent studies reveal that certain resistance mechanisms in MRSA have difficulty attaching to cannabinoids. In other words, cannabis-based antibiotics may prove to be an effective, safer, more natural way to effectively treat MRSA.

According to studies, Delta 9 THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, has no effect on MRSA when orally consumed. However, it can be a powerful medication when introduced to the body in other fashions. Many other chemicals in cannabis have shown promise in battling MRSA. These include CBN, CBD, CBG, and CBC.

RaRa Rivera of Herbal Mothers
RaRa Rivera of Herbal Mothers

Hash It Out! – Interview With RaRa Rivera

RaRa Rivera has been in the Nevada cannabis industry since 2015. Prior to her entrance into the cannabis industry, RaRa Rivera was a nurse, a traveling performer, and an herbalist. She got into cannabis at a young age and began using it as a sleep aid and relaxant. Later, she would develop a cannabis mom’s group after dealing with postpartum anxiety and depression.

Cannabis Tea

RaRa Rivera’s main focus is on tea-related products. This occurred after RaRa moved to Texas where cannabis was still illegal at the time. She attempted to stop using smokable cannabis products but was once again having trouble sleeping. After a friend recommended sleepy time tea, she was amazed to discover it worked incredibly well. Soon after, she began to perform a ton of research on teas.

Then, she had a great idea. Combining tea and cannabis! According to RaRa Rivera, consuming cannabis tea is very similar to consuming an edible. RaRa believes that the best way to consume cannabis tea is by using oils. Additionally, she recommends combining it with fats like milk or half and half. 5mgs is a great amount to start with and move up from there.

Reiki Healing

RaRa also works on cannabis-assisted Reiki healing. Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine where practitioners use “palm healing” in order to promote emotional and physical healing of the body and mind. According to RaRa, Reiki allows us to work on our energy center and work to unblock the crown chakra. Combining Reiki with cannabis allows practitioners to tap deeper into their energy selves. Often times, consuming cannabis allows them to open up and become vulnerable… in a positive way. As a result, people are able to break negative behavior cycles, relax, and achieve a meditative healing state.

You can learn more about RaRa Rivera by visiting her official Instagram page. Additionally, you can visit the Herbal Mothers Facebook community or Instagram page to get in on the discussion.

Nugs of Knowledge

This week, we discuss micro-dosing. Micro-dosing is the process of using small doses of cannabis regularly to achieve your desired results. Most legal cannabis products on the market are dosed at 10mg. Some new users may experience a powerful result from this amount. However, other more experienced users may need more to induce the high they desire. Micro-dosing allows cannabis users to ingest small amounts in order to achieve results and benefits without experiencing the high.

Micro-dosing can help deal with pain, anxiety, and more. However, there is no specific dosage medically recognized as a micro dose. Many experts recommend starting with 2.5mg to simply relieve symptoms. According to Leafly, you can start at 1mg and begin to increase the dosage until you feel results. Then stop here in order to maintain your results.

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